St. Nicholas Day.


St. Nicholas Day.

Children’s party in the Sakurami!

Children’s hairstyles, sweets, gifts, on this day the whole family will be in a great mood


Do you dream of becoming a stylist


Do you dream of becoming a stylist-image maker? -call!
New Year’s price – individual course 240 GEL!

Are you dreaming about the following professions?
Eyebrow Specialist
Manicure specialist
The hairdresser

Call us!
We will help the best students find employment!

Profession in the beauty industry with the best specialists in the world


Happy New year!


New Year’s Eve is near, Sakurami is giving gifts! If your check is over 200 GEL, you’ll get a super gift from Sakurami Santa. The promotions are valid until the end of December! Manicure, pedicure, hairstyle, massage, cleanse your body and soul before the holidays!


Happy Monday

Happy Monday

We offer a special offer for laser hair removal with a 20% discount and manicure + shellac for only 55 GEL – only on Mondays!
given the great demand for these procedures, and for those who did not have time to take advantage of the BLACK FRIDAY promotion, the “Happy Monday” promotion!


Energy SPA


To begin to catch a blissful state. To enjoy every moment of life, forgetting about anxiety, stress, bustle.

Meet our massage master, Aya.
After the first session, you will feel lightness, an unforgettable feeling that you have begun to hear yourself and your body.
Your trust is the key to the recovery process.

And in honour of the upcoming holidays, we give everyone a 15% discount!

Don’t miss your opportunity


Palomar Vectus 20% OFF

Лазерная эпиляция

Palomar Vectus ™ is a fundamentally new, very fast, highly efficient diode laser with contact cooling of the patient’s skin with a sapphire crystal. Palomar Vectus ™ has proven itself in epilation procedures. Diode lasers have shown themselves to be excellent in aesthetic medicine due to high treatment results. The effectiveness of the procedures, the huge resource of the emitter, the high speed of the laser, the presence of large and small optics with effective cooling of the patient’s skin make this laser the most popular among the majority of competing systems.


Linerase special offer 450 gel till the end of december!

Sakurami main

▪️New method of collagen injection Linerase (Italy) for skin bioregeneration is now in Sakurami!
▪️The procedure is carried out by a doctor Dermatovenerologist, with 10 years of experience and extensive working experience in Europe.
▪️Specially prepared collagen in the form of easily absorbable protein molecules is injected into the skin of the face, neck, decollete and hands through small punctures. This leads to the division of “youth cells” in the skin, increases production of its own collagen and suppression of metalloproteinases – enzymes that destroy collagen. In other words, “factories” for the production of collagen – the main protein responsible for skin elasticity, are activated in the skin. Collagen fibers are even stronger than steel fibers!
▪️Making appointment is possible next week! There are only a few places left!